Meet Laura

Here I am pictured laughing hysterically holding my dog, Henry. This would be an adequate depiction of my daily life.

Welcome! I’m Laura Young, and I’m just another mom trying to find joy in the small moments. I’m a Catholic convert who is married to a pretty fantastic guy. Together, we have one little boy who fills our days with a whole lot of love (and a little bit of mess).


I grew up on a small hobby farm just north of Nashville, Tennessee. My childhood consisted of barefoot summers, horse trough swimming pools, more animals than my dad would allow, getting back up on the horse again, and a strong aversion to home-grown squash.


My husband and I have planted our roots north of the Mason-Dixon line in Cincinnati, Ohio. We fell in love with a little model English village called Mariemont and are currently renovating Mrs. Billie’s 1940’s cottage. We enjoy frequent walks to Graeter’s Ice Cream, al fresco dining, and bike rides around the village. It’s a charmed life, really.


I’m on a journey to live this life more liturgically. If you’re wondering what that even means, rejoice! I’m still trying to figure that out myself. For me, it’s learning more about how the Church calendar can help our family grow in faith and devotion to Christ. I may have a rambling here and there about thoughts on prayer and how God is moving in my life. You might also read about home renovations and what we’re eating for breakfast. It’s all relevant, right? Don’t answer that.

Finally, here’s another picture of me laughing.

Photo Cred: Courtney Hughes Photo